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Candy in all colors, shapes and flavors

Confiserie Thijs offers a wide range of candy. On the one hand, we have a standard range of lollipops, hard candies and gummies in more than 75 different versions. On the other hand, we offer our customers the opportunity to think along with the production of the candy. For large quantities, the shape, color, taste and form of packaging can be determined by the customer. In addition, we almost always produce to order, which means that all our products are as fresh as can be.

Hard candy

Our hard candies slowly melt on your tongue. Those are sweets with an enduring flavor. Go for our fruity lemon-flavored hard candy, our classic Dutch licorice candies or the salmiak hard candy with vanilla flavor.

Drop bonbons

Individueel verpakt

8 – 10 gr

1 / 1

Personalized confectionery

01. Type of packaging

Do you prefer to choose the packaging method of our sweets yourself? That is possible! We are happy to package our candy according to your wishes. That way you can determine the weight per bag yourself and it is possible to have sweets packaged individually. This process is fully automatic, so you do not have to wait long for your order.

02. Color, shape and flavor

We also offer options for those who like to determine the color, shape and flavor of the sweets themselves. For gummies, lollipops and hard candy, we can easily adjust the color and flavor. In addition, we can tailor the shape of our gummies and the weight of the lollipops to your personal wishes. With large quantities it is even possible to invent and develop completely new flavors and colors. The options are endless!

03. Private label

Do you prefer to develop your own sweets from A to Z? That is possible! Together, we produce candy that fully meets your expectations. You decide on the color, flavor, shape and packaging and we take care of the rest. Of course, we also actively participate and think along with you throughout the entire process.

Seasonal products

At Confiserie Thijs we do not let the seasons go by unnoticed. We offer customized candy for every unique occasion. St Nicholas, Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day or any other festive moment that calls for a matching candy? We are the place to go to.

Standard products

Standard products are our showpieces: we always have sweets in stock that are popular with the broad public. Our range of standard products includes “Toepies”, bears, hearts, nougat lollipops and rainbow lollipops. When ordering one of these products, you can count on a quick delivery. Just perfect when you are looking for a sweet last-minute gift.

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