Sweet temptations since 1931

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Making candy with passion for the craft

At Confiserie Thijs we have been putting a smile on faces since 1931. Whether young or old, big or small: everyone loves our candy. From lollipops and gummies to hard candy and personalized sweets in all colors, shapes and flavors. With a great passion for our profession and an authentic recipe at hand, we turn every candy into a unique product. 

‘The best sweets are made with the most love.’

— Joris Thijs


Our extensive range of gummies simply enchants everyone. Our varied palette of flavors leaves nothing to the imagination. In addition, we regularly update our product range.


Our lollipops make the experience of sweets even more special. Our fantastic taste and color combinations will always surprise your taste buds. Let yourself be tempted by our inspiring offer!

hard candy

In addition to gummies and lollipops, we also make hard candy. Here, our product range is slightly smaller, but no less delicious. Let a lemon, licorice or salmiak hard candy melt on your tongue and enjoy!